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General description

Soma is a muscle relaxant which helps to cure such symptoms as muscle spasms and pain caused by disease, injury or surgical procedures. This drug reduces pain in the central nervous system by decreasing the muscle tone. The process of treating with this medication also includes physical therapy and a complete resting. The usual dose is 350 mg and it is highly recommended to take medications for a short period of time. Nowadays you have the choice to buy Soma online or in any drugstore.

Drug addiction

In order to avoid physical dependence of drugs it is important that the treatment should not be long. Especially it concerns those people who abuse drugs and those people who have a bad history of drug abuse, for example alcohol. Psychological and physical dependence can be very strong and the withdrawal of this medication should undergo gradually and the patient must consult the doctor to begin it. If the patient does not overdose the drug, does not mix any other drugs and follow the plan of treatment it is more likely that the discontinuation won't result in some serious changes.

Side effects

It is better to stop taking medication and contact the doctor if you have one of the following signs:

  • headache;
  • unusual heartbeat;
  • paralysis;
  • euphoria and dysphoria;
  • drowsiness;
  • tremor.

Still the main side effect remains drug abuse as Soma as this drug has an ability to become similar to barbiturate type. You must follow all the recommendations of the doctor in order not to get the dependence. All the prescriptions should be made by the doctor.


Before taking drug make sure that you are not allergic as some components of the drug can lead to allergic reactions. Tell your doctor about all the cases concerning allergy if any have occurred.

Avoid any alcoholic drinks.

As Soma can cause drowsiness it's recommended not to drive or work with any other mechanisms which require vigilance. Only when you are sure that you can control the situation it is possible to return to such activities.

It is not recommended to take Soma if you are pregnant.


If overdose has taken place it is obligatory to call the emergency and to tell the details about the usage of drugs: when, how much and what symptoms of overdose you are having at the moment.


You should tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking. It is important because the combination of several drugs can change the work of one drug, reduce the effectiveness of the other or just be useless.